The Studies

1 Timothy chapter 3 verses 16 and 17 say that all scripture is inspired by God. They go on to describe the Bible as profitable for teaching, reproof, correction and training in righteousness. Finally, they promise to make the man of God adequate and equipped for every good work.

When we got married as teenagers we had God’s Word read at our wedding. We did it out of a small seed of faith and a huge dose of family and cultural tradition. By His grace alone God answered the prayers of our parents and many other Godly people and our small seed of faith grew as we sat under Biblical preaching and teaching. Hearing God’s Word at church was not enough nourishment for our little seed, though. It only grew into a flimsy sapling that could not withstand the 80 mile an hour storm winds that life and marriage and parenting blew our way. An established tree with strong roots is what we needed, not a sapling. Attending church and sitting under solid preaching and teaching were the first step but we also had to read and study and pray individually and together as a couple in our home on a daily basis to grow strong, deep roots that would keep us stable. It was necessary for our priorities to shift as well. We changed jobs, cut out week night activities and stopped building our evenings around entertainment. Simply put, as a fast paced 21st century family we had to completely renovate our life. Why?

We need the promise of 1 Timothy chapter 3. We desperately need to be taught. Every single day we need God to reprove us and then correct us. And most of all we need Him to train us. We are clueless about how to make our marriage work. We are at a loss for how to manage a teenager, three ‘tweens, a preschooler and a toddler let alone disciple them. And if God chooses to bless us again, we don’t want to repeat the mistakes we’ve made in the past by trying to handle a newborn in our own strength. This family’s tree of faith needs the deep, deep roots like the decades old white oak under which we were married. Just two years after our lake – side wedding a tornado destroyed most of the buildings on our family’s farm, but not that oak where we made our vows. Even though it bears scars and the top was ripped out, it still stands as a testament to its roots.

In this generation, the tornado isn’t coming for the house and barns: it’s coming for our family. How strong is yours? How deep do your roots go? We’re as helpless as everyone else to stand on our own. We make time for family Bible study above sports, dance, music lessons, clubs, church activities and social activities because it is the ONLY thing that promises to make us adequate and equipped for every good work. We are well aware that you do not have time to do an in – depth Bible study with your family. But that is only because you do not make time. We all make time for what we treasure most. Where your treasure is, your heart will be also. We pray that you will make time to study God’s Word with your family. Click below to receive lesson one of our study on Psalms 119 verses 33 and 35.


Every family has to start somewhere. We started in the Proverbs and here is our challenge to you: There are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs and that is one chapter for each day of the month. When our children were little and we were unsure how to do family Bible study or where to start we read one Proverb a day. If the date was the 9th, we read the 9th chapter. Some days, we only read one verse and then talked about it. But God blessed our obedience. He trained our children to sit and listen and He trained us to teach them. If you are desperate for change but unsure of where or how to start, take the Proverbs challenge for three months. If (when) you miss a day, don’t be discouraged. Start over the next day. God will bless your efforts!