Welcoming New Life

It is spring here on the farm. The big kids are camping with Grandma and Grandpa, the little girls are planting some flower seeds, Daddy is drilling soybeans and I am swinging in my porch swing watching oats grow in my garden spots.


20160522_194643                                                                                                                         Yes, oats.



Instead of starting seeds in March I was tending to this little sprout.


And I love him more than all the beans and taters in the world. Isn’t he just precious? He’s so sweet I could eat him with a spoon! Check out the chub on that cheek!  With the youngest of the three older boys reaching double digits this summer it has been ten years since we had a baby boy. My laundry room is once again graced with blue blankies, puppy dog onesies and green froggy rompers.

Spring babies are so much fun. There’s just something right about rejoicing in a new human life as God awakens all of creation from its winter slumber. He calls to the trees, “Bud!” and to the perennials, “Bloom!” and to the animals, “Birth!” and each obeys the command of its Creator and the earth springs to life in jubilant song! My infant son, made in the likeness of God, possessing within his young lungs the very recent breath of Creator God, is like the cymbal crash of God’s 2016 Spring Symphony. And as the music crescendos I long to hear God proclaim, “It is good. And he is very good.”

Nathaniel was born on Good Friday. That fact was not lost on me as I labored to bring him into this world. My labors are a journey. There is a lighthearted stretch where Clint is able to walk with me, hand in hand, and share in the joy of what is to come. But soon we come to a bridge that Clint isn’t able to cross over with me.  On the other side is a valley that I must go through alone. This valley used to terrify me. It’s dark. At times it is an overwhelming darkness; so dark that I can forget to breathe, forget I am still breathing. This all-consuming darkness is painfully silent. And I am alone. Sometimes I stop walking forward and try to find a place to hide in this dark valley. At other points I lie down and softly weep. In the past at times I have cried out, “I cannot go on. I will lose my soul here!” During three different deliveries I have run back to the bridge, terrified of the unknown.

But during one pregnancy, I determined to cross the valley.  I felt God calling me to meet Him in that valley.  When the time came to cross the bridge, I was still terrified; but when Clint let go of my hand another stronger Hand reached out for mine, and led me. It was still dark. There were still moments when I forgot to breathe and wanted to hide. But in spite of my weeping, I was not alone and I crossed the valley. The next baby when I came to that same valley I told myself, “You’ve been here before. Do not be afraid. You are not alone.” The walk through the valley was longer that time but I trusted the One who walked with me. We had traveled this road before and even though I could not see where we were going it somehow felt familiar. There was peace in the valley.

During Nathaniel’s valley, when the darkness was just beginning to fall and there was still time to run back to the bridge, I began to whisper the Names of the One who walked with me. “A Shade from the Heat, A Shelter from the Storm, A Stronghold in Times of Trouble, A Source of Strength.” Over and over again I said the Names as I walked headlong into the darkness, weak and trembling and yet full of strength and faith. I was not alone.

When Jesus was on the cross He too felt abandoned and He truly was. He cried out, “Father, why have You forsaken Me?” No one came and walked with Him through that valley. Holy Father completely turned away from His Son because He was filled with the sin of the world; my sin. Jesus walked through that literal valley of death so that I would never know the abandonment of Father God. Praise the Name of Jesus Christ I am never alone in this life!

The lyrics to a favorite song that I cherish say:
The darkest hour is just before dawn

 The narrow way leads home

 Lay down your soul at Jesus’ feet

 The darkest hour is just before dawn

After that dark valley of transitional labor has been crossed, God is gracious to cause my body to rest and re-energize for a few moments. My mind comes back and I am able to talk to Clint and share the excitement that our baby is almost here. And then, like the first rays of sunshine, we welcome the dawn of a brand new life.

As I rejoice in our new baby this spring I thank Father not only for Good Friday but even more for Resurrection Sunday. The blooming and budding and birthing are all signs that death has been raised to life and there is eternal life for all who believe and repent.

It took Clint a few days to name our new little man, but when he announced the meaning, it was perfect: gift from God.

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18 Responses to Welcoming New Life
  1. Beautiful! What precious words! God bless you and your new little guy!

    • The Campbell Crew says:

      Thank you, Cheryl. Glad to be friends on facebook. I’m not on there often but it’s nice to see what you’re up to.

  2. Congrats Margie and Clint! Once again well spoken! And yes, children are gifts from God!

  3. Virginia Schilb says:


    • The Campbell Crew says:

      Thank you, Virginia. My Charlie’s banjo and guttar teacher got referred to as Mrs. Schilb just today. 🙂

  4. Jennie phipps says:

    Thank you Margie for your words. I love reading what you write. You’be always had a gift for words and I appreciate your gift. I also appreciate your honesty and love for the Lord, your husband and children. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Krista L Nissley says:

    Congratulations on that beautiful new baby boy, Margie~ what a sweet blessing! What you wrote really should be included in a book of devotionals/meditations for Mommies… It’s beautiful! I’ve never thought of it like that before, but it’s a great description of the journey of labor. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Congratulations dear friend!! So happy you and Nathaniel are doing well. Tell the family hello❤️

    • The Campbell Crew says:

      Thank you, Sara! Congratulations on your retirement as well. I need to stop by and sit on the patio before we head out again. I’ll text ya. 🙂

  7. Cherry R. Miller says:

    Congratulations and welcome Nathaniel. Margie, you should write a book of your life experiences… birthing, raising your Godly children, being their teacher of math, reading but also the importance of our country’s history as you have traveled. The adventures of living together in a small space! You are blessed with the gift of words and expression. Be safe in your travels and may God continue to bless you and your family. Love, Cherry

    • The Campbell Crew says:

      Thank you,Cherry! You’re very kind. I love to write and maybe someday I’ll put all of my journals into a book for the kids. We do have a lot of adventures! I have to force myself to stop and write some of them down because, as my mom always tells me, I will forget as time goes on. Enjoy your spring!

  8. Mary davis says:

    You have a way with words Sis. I always enjoy your perspective. I remember a poem I read one time about childbirth that said -I’m on a train and I can’t get off. There’s only one way and sometimes I’m terrified knowing what’s coming. I am so thankful that I know the Creator of Life and He was holding me by my right hand. Thank you for each one of the blessings that you and Clint have given us to be grandma and grandpa to. I know it’s hard work. I know you don’t get to do as many things as some might call extras but you Are richly blessed with “extras” love you!

    • The Campbell Crew says:

      Thanks mom. You’re the best and we all love you to pieces. We should work on a book together…what a read that would be!!!

  9. Loni Willis says:

    You have such a gift for communication! Congratulations on your newest addition to the family. We miss you all!

    • The Campbell Crew says:

      Thank you! We miss you all too. Kiss those ornery kiddos! I’m sure they’ve grown since we saw them last. Mine certainly have. They’re soaking up all this sunshine and enjoying the farm. It’s fun to be here during the spring/summer. Take care, Loni!

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